Display Case News

National Palace Museum (NPM) Southern Branch, Taiwan

Display Case News

Asian Art and Culture Museum

Wall Case showing Buddhist Art

With its recently opened Southern Branch in Taibao City, Chiayi County / Taiwan, the National Palace Museum (NPM) has reached its goal to create a cultural attraction for both Northern and Southern Taiwan. The NPM Southern Branch, set as "an Asian Art and Culture Museum," will become Asia's first-ever big-scale national museum focusing on Asian arts and culture, and one that integrates the Asian theme with the local culture of Taiwan.

For the Museum’s changing exhibitions Glasbau Hahn have delivered 19 Wall cases. Two of them have curved glasses and one of these has a length of 25 m. The most heavy door, height 7,5 m, width 2,5 m, weighs around 1 ton. All cases are fully air-conditioned and have mobile picture rails. These picture rails serve the suspension of carpets of different sizes and weights up to 100 kg.

Some of the cases are equipped with mobile middle walls, which serve the change of their depth. One of the cases has a hanging middle wall. Further, mobile curtains can change the size of the display cases. In this way, the cases can receive exhibition objects of different sizes.