Storage Cabinets

General quality characteristics of the HAHN Storage Cabinet

The outer casing is manufactured from 1.2 mm sheet steel whereas 2 mm sheet steel is used for the load bearing parts, tops, base boards and door frame components. The door frames are fusion welded and the tops are watertight. The cases have a recessed toe space of 60 mm with provision for levelling the back corners of the case from the front without disturbing the airtight envelope.

The doors are double thicknesswith full height continuous hinges for extra rigidity and precise sealing. The opening angle is 270° allowing the doors to lie flat against either the sidewall of the cabinet or the front of an adjacent cabinet. At no time will an opened door obstruct the thoroughfare. Each door has a fully recessed handle and a label holder. The cabinets are locked by an expanding bolt central security system. The door seals are mechanically attached and made from a chemically neutral, non-reactive silicon. Filter vents are installed on the inside of each door. These vents can be adapted for filtering air through activated charcoal as well as for complete closure. All surfaces have a non-reactive, solvent free powder coating, available in various colors (see color chart for selection) All edges are deburred prior to finishing.

Drawers are fabricated from 1 mm sheet steel with sides framed to cover the bearing surface of the case-mounted drawer glides. The drawer front has a recessed handle and label holder. Each drawer is supported by two case-mounted glides that are vertically adjustable in 25 mm increments without the use of special tools.
The complete interior fit-out whether drawers or shelves is fully changeable at any time.


Custom made Storage Cabinets are our specialty

You may select from a range of options:

  • Dimensions of up to L 2440 x H 2740 x D 1830 mm
  • Interior fittings for special collections such as accessories for weapons, rollers for textiles, storage of existing collection cases
  • Vertical and horizontal dividers in various dimensions with shelves and drawers of half width
  • Front and back equipped with doors
  • Back walls as glass panels
  • Double folding doors for large scale objects
  • Trolley to transport shelves and other storage equipment components
  • Special air filter or devices for climate control to maintain Relative Humidity, e.g. the HAHN RK-2 Clean Air and Relative Humidity Control System
  • 100 mm ground clearance for ventilation and floor cleaning purposes
  • Individual or central locking devices