Display Case News

National Museum of Qatar, Doha

Display Case News

Our glazing department has built an impressive glass construction in the Museum's Gallery 11. Also we have delivered Display cases for this Gallery.

Please see here the impressive large Mirror glass screens in gallery 11. The glass screens cover many LED Screens and 5 back-lit Glasbau Hahn showcases. The glazing department of GLASBAU HAHN is proud to be involved. Thanks to the very sophisticated and professional team at MAN ENTERPRISE - EMPTY SL JOINT VENTURE for their trust in us.


There are four groups of full height one-way mirrored glass panels from Pilkington MirroView ™ , which let the audiovisual content, appear “magically”. The largest glass panel has a size of 5942mm x 3048 mm. This was a challenge for logistics and installation teams. All involved teams can be proud of this major accomplishment.