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Bihar Museum Patna, Indien

Display Case News

Glasbau Hahn delivered around 200 showcases for 6 Galleries

Bihar Museum’s History Gallery exhibits follow a chronological order as Prehistory, Protohistory, Early Bihar, the Rise of Magadha and successive dynasties. Thematic zones explore the growth of Buddhism and Jainism, the Mauryan empire and Ashoka. Other major sections are the Gupta empire, the important Mahaviharas, the Pala dynasty, the Medieval period and Mughal rule. The Visible Storage gallery has a unique terracotta collection from Bihar and other major historical sites of the Indian sub- continent. The Coin Storage is attached to this section.

Historical Art and Regional Art engage with interpretive approaches to art. Bihari Diaspora explores the contribution of Bihari people in making indelible imprints in the history and culture of lands where they settled.

The exhibitions are shown in 6 Galleries for which Glasbau Hahn has delivered around 200 showcases. There are Wall- Freestanding- and Table cases, all custom made. Some of the Freestanding cases are built with and some  without bases. Furthermore we have made cupboards with shelves and with vertical sliders.


Photos: Bihar Museum Patna