Light and illumination

HAHN Fiber-optic lighting

The constant search for a gentle way of lighting – less IR and UV rays and less heat – has smoothed the way for the introduction of fiber-optics as the perfect light source in museums. They bring the light straight onto the object on display inside the case.

Fiber optic lighting is based on the following principles: A light source, either a low voltage halogen or an LED lamp, generates a beam of light which is focused onto a cluster of fibers - the "common end". Away from the common end, these fibers are individually sheathed and their open ends may be positioned anywhere inside the display case. The light is reflected off the sides of the glass fiber and shines inside the display case. A great advantage of this system is that nearly all IR- and UV- radiation is absorbed by the glass conductor. The light emitted is "cold".

Very early on GLASBAU HAHN developed a complete Fiber-optic system for museum exhibitions. This system is made up of three components:

•    Light sources
•    Fiber optic harness
•    Light fittings

Light Sources

A variety of light sources for lamps between 35 and 150 W ensure a flexible system which can be adapted to meet different light demands. 20-75 Watt halogen lamps have a life span of about 3000 hours. 100 W HLX lamps have a life span of about 1500 hours. Metal halide lamps are rated to last 6000 hours. Halogen lamps have a color temperature between 3000-3400º k.
Recently light sources can be equipped with LED lights. They offer a light brightness comparable to a 100 WNV halogen lamp. These LED lights are available in 3000-4000º k, with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours.

Fiber optic harness for fiber optic lighting

Our high quality fiber optic harnesses can transmit light over a distance of up to 20 m. Harmful UV rays and IR heat are practically eleminated, resulting in a gentle light. Further, the light has no power, thus allowing applications in fire control and wet areas.
Finally, no maintenance in the form of lamp replacement is needed at the light exit. The fiber optics bundles are always tailored to the requirements of each indivitual client.

They are made of 1st quality European glass by SCHOTT. The main materials for the cable sheating are MEGOLON, with self extinguishing fire protection to B.S.6724. Both ends of the harness are polished to optical standards to ensure long lasting high light transmission without color distortion.
The fibers are randomized to achieve an even light at the end of the tails.
When using a LED light source, plastic fibers can also be utilized.

End optics

A variety of specially designed fittings are available for accent lighting. The standard fittings are flexible allowing movement of 35° in all directions. The lenses can be focused. End-optic fittings are made out of anodized aluminum. Lenses are optical quality glass. The fittings can be fixed to sheet steel panels, or similar.