Light and illumination

They generate a general illumination within the display cases. Depending on the dimensions of the case, they are supplied in varying lengths. If possible it is recommended to maintain the same length of fittings throughout the entire gallery, as the varying light power of differing tube lengths can result in quite visible variations. One must bear in mind that even tubes of the same length and from the same manufacturer can deviate if tubes of lesser quality are used. Rotary dimmers integrated directly in the light hood offer a very flexible light control.  The UV-rays emitted by these light tubes are significant. It can be controlled by filters applied to the light tube itself or preferably by an appropriate filter placed inside a dust protection shield made of laminated safety glass. Radiant heat is generated at both ends of the tubes as well as through the ballast. A portion of the heat is dissipated via the lid of the light hood which acts as a heat sink.