Light and illumination

LED - Light Emitting Diodes

A long-standing request from architects and interior designers has been the minimization of the size of the light hood in museum display cases. Fibre optic lighting used to demand a height of at least 100 mm. The major advantage of LED lighting systems is the reduction of the visible height of the light hood. LED can even be placed directly onto the glass panels no longer needing a lightbox (see image of Augustiner Museum Freiburg).

As the life span of LED is about 50,000 hours, it takes 11 years (based on a daily use of 12 h) until the lamps need replacement. Furthermore, LED can be dimmed while maintaining a constant color temperature. The color itself is free to select, with high quality LED reaching a CRI above 92, which closely equates to natural light colors. 

SATURN LED lamp housing


Saturn LED is a Ø27 spherical body lighting device made of Aluminum. The assembly contains 3 Aluminum parts, a lens and a wired High Flux LED.

The individual parts are:


  • HEAT SINK – Has the task to dissipate the heat generated by the LED.

  • SPHERICAL BODY – Is supported by a circular shaped plastic ring which allows the assembly to rotate around 20° in any direction.

  • MOBILE PART – it supports the lens and its thread allows focusing the light spot. It can be loosened by about 10 mm and allows a range of focus from 5° to 60°.

  • CONNECTING CABLE – for “Special LED Light Source” – max. 5 m.

  • The assembly can be mounted on a drilled metal plate with a plastic ring for 1.5 or 2mm metal thickness.

LEDs are available in several color temperatures: natural white (4000K), warm white (3000K) and monochrome colors.


The LED light stick Ø25 mm is an Aluminum profile with internally mounted LED support strip lighting device. The assembly contains an Aluminum profile, two support strips, wired High Flux LEDs (Type Z-Power P4 Seoul), side fixing parts and a connection cable.

The Aluminum profile has Ø25 mm diameter and a length of 0.5 – 3 m. The stick can contain from 5 to 22 LEDs. The profile length, the number of LEDs and the distance between them can be made on-demand according to customer requirements.

LEDs are available in several color temperatures: natural white (4000K), warm white (3000K) and also monochrome colors.