Light and illumination

Conservation requirements for illuminating exhibition display cases

Visiting a contemporary museum often is a sensory experience as well as a visual one. Display case design is developed to complement the gallery interior as well as the artefacts. Appropriate illumination influences the visitor's mood and emphasizes the details of art objects. Lighting designers and conservators optimise the visitor's visual experience with the need for the preservation of artefacts. Lighting is therefore a major element of exhibition design. The choice of luminaires is closely related to its physical position inside the display case. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of lighting solutions and their application in all display case types. Of paramount concern are the conservator's lighting requirements which are set out in the following table:


Conservational Requirements

Solution inside the Case

Lighting period as short and consistent as possible

Use high efficiency light sources

Elimination of UV radiation (danger of colours fading, resin and synthetic materials turning yellow, brittle paper and fabrics

Use low UV light sources or protect display case interior with special glass containing UV filter

Elimination of heat radiation (danger of tearing, deterioration of organic hygroscopic materials, peeling lacquer and material stress)

Use "cold lights" such as fiber optic lights, or place light fittings outside display case

Easy access for relamping, without opening the display case interior (danger of disrupting the display case micro climate and artefacts)

Installation of lamps in a separate lighthood, detached from the interior, easy accessible

Light and illumination

A range of light sources is available for the optimized illumination of display cases. Fluorescent tubes, low voltage spot lights, fiber-optic light spots or LED can be installed in combination or individually. Each type of light source has its own switch installed at the light hood. All lights can be dimmed upon request. The dimmer can be placed inside or outside of the lighthood.