Free-standing display cases

HAHN free-standing all-glass display cases are available in a wide variety of types and functions. A range of different opening systems can offer safe and easy access, tailored individually to handle your presentation of exhibitions and collections. Various base types, lighting systems and a reliable climate control system ensure the high-quality protective showcasing of your treasures.

Short description

Frameless all-glass case using CLEAR-WHITE or anti-reflective glass, both of which can be laminated for added security. The front panel can either be a sliding door, a door with concealed hinges, or an inset door. Glass edges are precision cut and polished, the corners are bonded with the desired glass sealant.

The support structure is made of tubular steel; options include flush or recessed pedestals, or tubular steel legs. Security locks. Metalwork is available in any RAL-colour.

The internal base panel is made of either perforated steel sheet or various other materials such as stone, laminate, aluminium etc. covered with fabric or lacquered to any RAL-colour. Display platforms can be made to include label slopes and can be set to allow for climate control installations. All materials used meet conservation specifications.

Lighting options include fluorescent, dimmable fluorescent, dimmable low voltage spotlights, incandescent, HAHN fibre optic lighting, or any combination of these systems. Lighthoods are accessed through lockable lift-up lids and are completely separated from the display volume. Diffuser panel options include parabolic, eggcrate and Koolshade. Shelves and other display media can be hung from the lighthood extrusion, or held by vertical support-tubes when glass tops are required.


  • suspended glass shelves
  • glass shelves with acrylic fittings
  • reinforced glass shelves on metal fittings
  • vertical support tubes

Model F301 + F301L

Free-standing display case with raised display platform, with or without a lighthood.

Model F302 + F302L

Free-standing display case with a low base, with or without a lighthood.

Model F303 + F303L

Free-standing display case with recessed pedestal base, with or without a lighthood.

Model F304 + F304L

Free-standing display case with flush pedestal base, with or without a lighthood.

Model F320L - Exterior Display Case

Exterior display case with lighthood and roof. This display case can be manufactured with different kinds of bases as well.