HLS system case

Continuous display space of varying plan sizes may be built by means of interim sections.

Security locks are used to protect the cases. Construction joints are hidden from view, providing safety for the exhibits.

The all-glass construction allows for continuity and a complete transparency, uninterrupted by vertical framing. High air-tightness due to the glass-to-glass joints and the closing pressure created by the 3-way sliding door, both providing excellent dust protection.
Easy access to the display area with our 3-way sliding door system: the door moves forward and then slides to the left or the right side.Glass breakage is minimized during transport and storage due to the protective metal profiles at top and bottom.
The case is demountable. Thus, case components are easily transported and take up minimal storage space.Expansion of your HAHN HLS-System is possible by the guaranteed supply of additional components.
Easy and quick assembly using simple tools. Make use of the outstanding advantages of the HAHN HLS-System for your exhibition design. We are happy to answer further questions anytime.