HLS system case

Basic Features


The top and bottom case sections are made from precision aluminum profiles, easily joined to form an all-glass showcase. The cover strips conceal the framing profiles and can be powder coated in almost any RAL color. Levellers at the bottom structure compensate for any unevenness of the floor.


Each glass panel is made of 10 mm Clearwhite laminated safety glass, acting as a 3-way sliding door. All edges are precision ground and polished. A safety lock per panel provides security.

Case top

The case top/soffit is 8 mm laminated safety glass normally.

Display bottom

The display panel is made of 8 or 10 mm ESG (heat tempered) glass that is covered with opalescent foil. Alternatively the display bottom can be made of MDF (medium density fibre board) with a paint finish or any other suitable sheet material. 


Additional Features



The light hood may be equipped with either fluorescent tubes, halogen spotlights or fiber-optic lighting positioned in the upper frame and thus hidden from view. Power connection from the bottom if required is via a vertical cable conduit in one corner.


Glass shelves are made of 8 mm Clearwhite float glass supported by stainless steel suspension rods. The suspension system is vertically adjustable for flexibility in setting the position of a shelf.

Climate control

Passive relative humidity control is by means of a Silicagel compartment in the base. Active climate control can be achieved with our HAHN RK-2-MOL® CLEAN-Process which injects filtered, cleaned and humidity conditioned air into the case. The HAHN RK-2 unit can be placed within a base plinth below the case.

Plinth (if requested)

The plinth of the case consists of an aluminium frame covered with an MDF-platform. The finish of the MDF panels is available in most RAL colors.