HLS system case

The case that grows with your collection. It successfully combines high quality and flexibility with affordable prices, due to being manufactured in quantity.


The display case presents a fl exible system able to be assembled at will. Glass panels, display platform, lighthood and glass shelves allow multifunctional layouts that can be changed and extended at any time. The system case can easily be taken apart for transportation and storage requires little space. It can be assembled and dismantled without specialist help thus is particularly suitable for changing or travelling exhibitions. Each of the 4 glasspanels is a 3-way sliding door, offering perfect access to the interior of the case and facilitating the installation of art objects as well as for cleaning the inside of the case.

The top and bottom frames of the basic version consist of identical aluminum profi les, 60 mm high (approx. 2-3/8 “) to maximize the visible glass surface. Certainly you can receive this display case with a base, if desired.

Due to the exclusive use of emission-free materials (glass, anodized aluminum, transparent silicone profi les) and a high degree of air tightness, the system case provides optimum safety with a high level of conservation.