Protector picture case

Controlling the micro climate inside PROTECTOR picture cases

Controlling the PROTECTOR micro climate on a daily basis under changing conditions of the ambient climate over a 3 month monitoring period.

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Monitoring the micro climate inside the Protector case of "Schmerzensmann" by Lukas Cranach

Monitoring the micro climate inside the Protector picture case – long-term measurement May 2004 – August 2007 in the location Ehrenburg / Coburg

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Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885): Sonntagsspaziergang (1841), oil on wood, Inv.-Nr. 3/31, Courtesy: Salzburg Museum, Peter Laub

Climate safety for "Sonntagsspaziergang" by Carl Spitzweg inside the PROTECTOR picture case

This precious tableau measuring 68 x 57 cm, painted in oil on wood in 1841, was mounted inside a HAHN PROTECTOR picture case in the summer of 2000 for an exhibition in Austria. The scenic "Sunday walk" by Spitzweg from the collection of the Salzburg Museum was returned perfectly safe to its home in the Salzburg Museum after a period of 6 months. A diagram documenting the stable climatic conditions inside the HAHN PROTECTOR case shows that difficult ambient climate conditions were managed and compensated for.

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10 years of perfect protection for a painting in the church of St. Annen-Kirche, Berlin Dahlem

Since introducing the HAHN Protector picture case in 1995, the first field report by a Diplom Restorer gives insights into the 10 year record of a late medieval painting stored inside a HAHN Protector.

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