Protector picture case

Application Manual for the HAHN PROTECTOR

The picture case (HAHN PROTECTOR) arrives inside a sturdy transport crate which is meant only for transportation purposes. 

Additional material included:

  • Artsorb strips (moisture buffer)
  • Hand held hygrometer to control the relative humidity and temperature inside the case 
  • all mounting tools needed for installation

Please, note the following prior to installing the exhibit:

Ambient temperature and humidity during the installation should be the same as the desired exhibition conditions for the artwork. We recommend open storage of the case and artsorb as well as all included materials on site at least one week prior to installation in order to adapt to the existing ambient climate conditions.

Installation of "Design sketch of DISPUTA" by  Raffael at the STÄDEL, Frankfurt

Click here to view the complete installation sequence.

Handling the picture case:

The picture case is equipped with felt strips to achieve the desired distance between the painting and the glass.

  • The case is carefully placed - glass face down - onto a soft and clean surface layer. Avoid any pressure on the glass at all times.
  • To remove the rear panel, undo the screws with the enclosed Allen key. The case is positioned inside the original frame and attached to it with screws.
  • The inside of the glass panel is cleaned with pure water (distilled water) using the enclosed micro fibre cloth. Avoid dust particles and finger prints!
Installation of the oil painting "Rembrandt Copy from the 19th Century" by the company F. G. Conzen, Düsseldorf

Click here to view the complete installation sequence.

Mounting the Exhibit:

  • Check the inside glass panel for dust particles and finger prints once more
  • When using Artsorb, insert the Artsorb strip/s into the perforated guide on the side of the Aluminum profile
  • Place the exhibit inside the case and adjust it carefully on top of the felt strips. Make sure to maintain an even distance between the exhibit and the Aluminum profile prior to fixing the exhibit into position
  • The plastic clips are inserted in the prepared guides at the Aluminum profile
  • Fix the plastic clips in position by padding them with felt pads
  • Attach the rear panel (check the orientation "top" / "bottom"!)
  • Insert all screws around the frame by turning them lightly and evenly first. Tighten the screws subsequently by using the enclosed Allen key. Avoid pressure on to the glass panel at all times!

For shipping the mounted exhibit a special crate for transportation must be used.


  • Grip handles and straps for transportation and fixing inside the packing
  • Support levellers to protect precious frames during transportation
  • Wall attachment, hidden from view
  • Alarm systems
  • HAHN CON-TROL System for data logging relative humidity and temperature control