Protector picture case


The fire resistant anodised aluminium framework is rigid but lightweight, available in matt black or any other colour. The front is glazed with Mirogard, a highly transparent colourless laminated safety glass, incorporating an ultraviolet filter and an anti-reflective coating.

All materials used within the case are inert, and all of the construction joints have non-toxic sealants externally applied.

The System

The rear panel is hermetically sealed onto the case with double O-rings, utilising a patent-protected air-pressure compensation (Patent EP 0676 160 B1: a compensating reservoir ensures a balanced air pressure to prevent damage to the artwork inside the picture case).

The glass front is factory-sealed to the case framework, again ensuring an airtight fit. Adjustable inert plastic clips, packers and foam padding allow the tensionless suspension of artefacts within the PROTECTOR. The maximum dimension of a PROTECTOR case depends on the type of glazing and the accessories desired.A compatible and secure hanging system TRACK&SLIDE® can be supplied.

A humidity and temperature sensor is installed in the side of the frame. Its data can be read on a hand held digital display. Upon request: HAHN CONTROL software for data logging of relative humidity and temperature (WLAN network possible); Alarm systems.