Protector picture case

The HAHN PROTECTOR is a picture case that offers the best protection for precious paintings or graphics by ensuring a controlled micro climate. Hidden behind the original frame, the picture case is hardly visible and protects the work of art from damage by vandalism, UV-and IR-radiation, dirt and humidity fluctuations in transit, on loan or on permanent display. The HAHN PROTECTOR is an invisible glass safe able to perfectly adapt itself to the work of art.

The functional virtues of the PROTECTOR picture case are:

  • Front glazing with an anti-reflective coating provides a sealed micro climate
  • UV protection due to laminated safety glass incorporating an UV interlayer or substances from ambient air
  • No deposits of dust, dirt or other aggressive materials
  • Protection from condensation, even under extreme temperature differences
  • Additional protection against physical damage while on display or in transit under unpredictable climatic conditions. Warding off vandalism and theft by the solid and discrete construction of the picture case.
  • Special feature: the patent-protected air-pressure compensation (Patent EP 0676 160 B1)
  • A humidity and temperature sensor installed inside the frame is connected to a hand held digital display to ensure constant climate monitoring
  • The HAHN CON-TROL System (software system for longterm data logging) complements the climate control