Table cases

HAHN table cases are popular for the exhibition of small objects, documents, books and coins. The construction is rigid, easy to transport and therefore perfectly suitable for changing and travelling exhibitions. The frameless glass hood guarantees an unobstructed view and a high degree of security and air-tightness.

Model T100

The most popular display case. The open hood is supported by a pair of gas struts (alternatively with locking device).


Similar to the T100, but with a top that can be tilted at an angle. Unwanted reflections on the glass are avoided by setting the angle of the glass hood in one of three positions.

Model T130

With a solid back. The glass hood hinges at the top edge, allowing the cases to be placed directly against a wall or back-to-back without a gap.


Model ST160

Hood cases. They are opened by vertically lifting the glass hood. These cases provide the highest degree of dust protection.

The choice of support structure for all table cases includes tubular steel legs, fl ush, recessed pedestals or slab pedestals in virtually any material. Measurements can be tailored to suit particular exhibits.