Wall display cases

HAHN wall cases are the natural solution for wall surfaces or when an opaque background is desired. The display case - depending on the model - can be opened by swinging, lifting, or by using our patented 3-way sliding door system.
The rear panel allows for the installation of concealed slotted shelf uprights to accommodate a wide range of shelf or display arrangements. For illumination, a complete range of lighting systems are available, especially our HAHN fiber optic and LED technologies.

Model W200

Wall hung case with a top hinged five-sided glass hood. The shallow depth is ideal for small exhibits and flat objects.

Model W210

Wall hung case with a top hinged four-sided glass hood. Suitable for similar exhibits to model W200. Small artefacts can be displayed on the fixed base.

Model W220

Wall hung case with lift-off four-sided glass hood. Ideal for exhibits that are rarely changed.

Model W230 + W230L

Wall hung case with or without a lightbox. Access options include 3-way sliding door, concealed hinged door, lift-out door and HAHN swing-door.

Model W250 + W250L

Wall-case with a solid base of any height. This model can be used as a free-standing case. Access and lighting options are as model W230 + W230L.