The roots of these traditional manufacturers date back to 1829, when the company was founded as J. R. Schön woodwork and glaziers shop. In 1870 the Glaziers and Glass Trade HAHN was established under the lead of Heinrich Hahn.

Ever since the foundation GLASBAU HAHN has always demonstrated creative solutions in glass. Innovative ideas and successful products have been honored with numerous national and international awards.

Major developments and innovations 1930 – 1990

1931    Production of the first glass-cement and first all-glass construction by bonding glass-to-glass

1937    First all-glass display case, a 5-sided hood

1938    All-glass display cases with recessed sliding door hardware, with a 3-way action to achieve a high degree of air- and dust-tightness

1940    Glass used as a static support for glass shelves

1958    Invention of double-sided glass stiffeners to stabilize all-glass shop fronts and entrances without the use of vertical mullions

1965    Invention of suspended glazing which allows the use of glass panels to a theoretically unlimited height. This development influenced the architecture in Europe for two decades.

1968    Four-in-line and glass-metal-stiffeners, combining the aesthetic appeal of an all-glass construction with the static advantages of massive metal mullions

1970    Development of various means of operating hardware for display cases, such as Monorail / Duorail / Duotrack

1978    Development of various modular display cases, such as the HAHN-module system, model "Tübingen" and triangle display case, which can be installed without the need of specialists

1981 Development of the first double glazed louvre window

1985    First use of clearwhite laminated safety glass with an Amiran- anti-reflective coating for the Freer Gallery in Washington

1989    First extensive and exclusive use of fiber optic lighting for the display cases of the New British Library in London

Major developments and innovations 1990 - today

1990    Development of various means of controlling the micro-climate of display cases

1990    Development of the HAHN PROTECTOR Picture Case with an hermetically sealed micro-climate

1994    Development of the HAHN-Swing door for the Getty Centre
(International and US-patent No. 5558416)

1996    Development of active climate control units RK-1 and RK-2 for micro-climates (international patents)

1998    Design of the HAHN HLS-system, a case that grows with your collection (international patents)

1999    Development of the first HAHN Nitrogen-display case, the highest degree of conservation within display cases (international patents)

2001   Upgrading the HAHN active climate control systems from analogue to digital control.
Development of the HAHN CON-TROL SYSTEM to monitor and control humidity, lighting etc. via remote PC

2001    Construction of a display case with glass panels of 9 m height

2006    Invention of the slide'n turn - system, a combined 3-way sliding-door and 90° rotating hinged door

2010    Development of the first louvre window with triple insulating glass complying with EnEV 2009

2011    HAHN PURE emission-tested materials according to the comprehensive BEMMA* -assessment scheme of the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin.