GLASBAU HAHN GmbH employs around 100 staff at its headquarters in Frankfurt/Main, the HAHN Lamellenfenster GmbH around 35 staff in Stockstadt.

In addition, 25 international partners are located in the U.S., in Asia and in Europe working hand in hand with GLASBAU HAHN GmbH  and with HAHN Lamellenfenster GmbH as a worldwide network of specialists. Branches and subsidiaries are located in key countries: GLASBAU HAHN America in Newburgh/NY,  GLASBAU HAHN China in Beijing, GLASBAU Japan Co. Ltd. in Tokyo and Kyoto

We are deeply rooted in the craftsmen tradition. For over 180 years we have been developing innovative manufacturing processes implemented by our staff members with total dedication in and reliability from our products. On this foundation we continue to build the excellent reputation of our workmanship over 5 generations.